Solon Min


Jedi Archives, Coruscant


Subject: Solon Min
Age: 25 (born 3975 BBY)
Species: Half-Human Hybrid (Miraluka)
Place of Birth: Katarr (now a lifeless planet)

Physical Description
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 61kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold

Master: Kharr Handa, Cathar Revanchist (deceased)
Place of Training: Originally matriculated at Katarr’s Luka Sene where his mother, Siha, was headmistress. Informal tutelage received from Master Lucien Draay at the Taris Academy. He was transferred to the Dantooine Enclave at the age of nine.
Specialty: Lightsaber combat
Lightsaber color: Violet (originally; his first saber was destroyed on Rodia. Current lightsaber color unknown)
Hobbies: Sparring, travel, self-education. Solon has also been described as being quite the gastronome despite his slight frame.

Languages Known: Basic, Ryl, Miralukese and (possibly) Sith.

Possessions: Unknown

Force Powers Known: Force Slam


Biographical Excerpt:

Solon Min lived the life of a typical Miralukan child until he elected to train as a Jedi at the Taris Academy. According to several witness statements, he was ostracized by the other younglings on account of his physical deformity, and thus his brief time at the Academy was reported to be lonely and painful. Solon kept to himself, studying all the Jedi combat technique holocrons he could gain access to, and “watching” Master Lucien Draay’s movements like a hawk. After two years, his mother arranged for a transfer to the Dantooine Enclave, where he met Alora Vao and became inseparable from her.

Upon his arrival, Solon was immediately recognized as a lightsaber prodigy. Only fellow students Alora Vao and Ahdekta Ty could challenge him.

While Solon was training at the Enclave, his father died, killed in the Mandalorian attack on Serroco (See: Mandalorian War). Solon was inappropriately close to his parents for a Jedi because of his Miralukan upbringing and mourned his passing. This event may have played a direct role in his decision to join the Revanchist faction of Jedi in fighting the Mandalorians after he was chosen as a padawan in 3969BBY.

He first served as a Jedi Commander under General Kor (see Master Aquil Kor). Served with distinction in the Second Battle of Taris in 3961 BBY and at the Second Battle of Althir in 3960 BBY; promoted to the rank of Captain in the Republic Army by the end of the war.

He was reportedly shocked when the Jedi Council chose to expel him for joining the Mandalorian War.

Solon Min

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