Alora Vao


Jedi Archives, Coruscant


Subject: Alora Vao
Age: 25 (born 3975 BBY)
Species: Twi’lek
Place of Birth: Bashka, Ryloth
Physical Description: Height 1.7m; Weight 57kg; Rutian variant; Blue eyes
Master: Kharr Handa, Cathar Revanchist (Deceased, see Battle of Rodia)
Place of Training: Dantooine Enclave
Specialty: Lightsaber Combat (Styles known – Ataru, Niman, Jar’Kai, Juyo)
Lightsaber color: Cyan
Current Hobbies: glitteryl, juma, pazaak, making noodles

Str 10
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 13
Wis 14
Cha 16

Languages Known: Basic, Ryl, Huttese

Possessions: cyan lightsaber, black Jal Shey robes, blue Heart of Fire pendant on a simple chain, credit chip, datapad (basic), 2 medpacs, binder cuffs, mesh tape, utility belt (incl. basic comlink & 1 medpac), all-temperature cloak, 45 credits

Force powers known: Force Slam, Surge, Move Object


Biographical Excerpt:

Alora Vao was taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine at the age of three and trained there as a youngling. Later she was chosen as one of Master Kharr’s two padawans (see subject Known Acquaintances: Solon Min). In 3963 BBY, Alora joined the Revanchist faction (see Mandalorian Wars) where she first served as a Commander under General Kor (see Master Aquil Kor). Served with distinction in the Second Battle of Taris in 3961 BBY and at the Second Battle of Althir in 3960 BBY; promoted to the rank of Captain in the Republic Army by the end of the war.

After the war, she returned to Coruscant for a hearing before Jedi High Council.

Error. Holovid entry encrypted by user: Atris.

During her first sentence of exile, Alora’s known whereabouts included Kiffu, Ryloth, Katarr, Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant.

After Revan declared open war on the Jedi, Alora’s sentence of exile was lifted by the Council after a 3-2 vote and she again served under General Kor until his retirement. She was decorated for valor at the Battle of Rodia after her platoon was attacked by a Jedi Assassination Squadron led by Captain Jaq Rand. This attack resulted in the death of Master Kharr and the capture of Captain Solon Min, but no other casualties from her platoon.

Her second sentence of exile was given after it was found that she aided in the escape of a Sith Apprentice during the destruction of the Star Forge in 3956 BBY. Stripped of her commission and her rank, Alora was declared “a Jedi no longer”.


Last known whereabouts was Nar Shaddaa. Subject has been working at a noodle shop to support a glitteryl habit. Not sure this one is fit for duty. (user: Mira)

Regardless, please summon subject immediately to Coruscant. I wish to judge the situation for myself. (user: Mical)

Subject locked herself in her quarters for a week and a half to begin the detoxification process. I checked in on her to discover that she was delirious, ranting about having to find “Rand”. Could it be? Out of concern for her health, I dropped her off at a clinic so she could spend another half week in a kolto tank. Unfortunately one of her lightsabers was stolen during this time. She appears to be better, at least physically. (user: Mira)

Subject reinstated to active rank in the Jedi Order after her connection to the Force was re-established and her character tested. Subject assigned a padawan, to be picked up from Alderaan in one galactic week. Watchman Atton Rand has been made aware of the situation. (user: Mical)

Known acquaintances:

Solon Min – Age 25. Half Miraluka, Half Serrocoan Human Hybrid. Solon and Alora were both padawans under Master Kharr. As younglings, they formed a powerful force bond that enabled his human eyes to function for the first time (previously, he was only able to “see” with Force Sight). They were inseparable during their wartime service. During their exile after the Mandalorian Wars, it is known that Solon gave Alora a Heart of Fire pendant and that she gave him a signet ring that once belonged to her mother, Astraal Secura. During the Battle of Rodia, Solon was captured by the Sith and taken to Malachor V, where he was broken into a Dark Jedi. It is believed that he has lost control of his human sight, as the torture he endured at the hands of the Sith severed his bond with Alora. It is also believed that he is the Sith Apprentice that Alora helped to escape from the Star Forge.

Subject has otherwise kept mostly to herself for the last six years. Her ability to use the Force has atrophied considerably, as have her skills with a lightsaber.


Aquil Kor: Were you supposed to press that button, Alora?
Alora: My finger slipped!

Alora (on Solon): After the attack on the Star Forge, I dropped him off on Alderaan. Did you ever…see him?
Aquil: I did not, but it’s a big planet.
Alora: Oh.
Aquil: I am sorry. Perhaps we will run into him again, if the Force wills it.
Alora: Hopefully it won’t be him trying to kill us.
Aquil: I didn’t want to say it.

Kit’othenu: I’ll make sure to shoot at everything you’re not shooting at, HK.
HK-42: I will shoot at EVERYTHING!
Alora: No, HK! Bad droid!

Kitoth: Holy wamp rats, that was… impressive!
Alora turns and flashes a triumphant grin.
Kitoth: Now don’t get cocky.
Ishyet: That’s like asking the sun not to rise, I think.

Frridder Hsk: I just like clawing at air.
Alora: Dust motes after you again, eh?

Alora: I think you should touch them, HK.
Taunting Kath Hound: Please don’t.
HK-42: As do I.
Alora: Touch them hard.

Alora: Do you want to live or do you want to fight?

Alora: The rolling helps!

Solon Min: You abandoned me! Left me to my enemies!
Alora: Those men would have died if I’d gone after you! I died when he took you from me, Solon.

Patrol 80: Why you waving your hand like that? You think you’re some kinda Jedi?
Alora: You have no idea.

Alora Vao

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