Aquil Kor

A cunning warrior. The coward of Althir. Master of the Serroco form tea ceremony. Traitor. From a certain point of view.


Name: Aquil Kor (pronounce “Ay-kwill.” Master Aquil to fellow Jedi, General Kor to the public, occasionally “old man” and “crazy old coot.”)

Born: 3999 BBY (currently 49 years old)

Height: 1.65 meters

Weight: 75 kgs

Occupation: Jedi Master, tea shop proprietor

Family: Sha Uuln (wife), Karus (son)

Appearance: peach-skinned, short, with the stocky build of a former athlete who never reduced his intake.


A cunning warrior. The coward of Althir. Master of the Serroco form tea ceremony. Traitor. Depending on the source, General Aquil Kor (retired) is or has been all of these. However, if you ask the Kel Dorian Jedi himself, he is a simple man who enjoys tea, food, and music.

Raised by humble gas miners, he was sent at a young age to learn from the Baran Do sages, then joined the Jedi Order at the relatively older age of ten. After an undistinguished apprenticeship in Coruscant, he returned home to Dorin, where he married and had a son, Karus (born 3978 BBY). When the child was discovered to be Force Sensitive, Aquil undertook his early training before consenting to send him to the Enclave at Coruscant at the age of five.

When the Mandalorians invaded the Republic in 3963, the then-15 year old Karus jumped at Revan’s call to arms and persuaded his father to join him in fighting this new galactic threat. Viewing this as an opportunity to protect the Republic as well as his son, Kor angered many Jedi by allying himself with the Revanchists, who granted him a generalship.

The initial battles fared poorly, with Kor’s early success limited to the successful covering the retreat of a Duros refugee convoy during the ill-fated Battle of Duros. The brutality of the Mandalorian armies shocked Aquil, but even more unsettling to him were the responses of his superiors, who adapted quickly to this ruthless style of warfare.

During the Second Battle of Taris (3961), Republic forces led by Revan and Malek drove Mandalorian forces off-planet. Many of the Jedi present, including Karus, exulted in the aggressive tactics that permitted Jedi strike teams to devastate enemy lines.

Aquil, however, disliked the risk inherent to such tactics, preferring an approach that minimized friendly and civilian casualties. During the Second Battle of Althir, his forces employed this caution, which delayed their scheduled capture of a key port city by six hours. This delay earned Aquil Malek’s disapproval and distrust, as well as his son’s scorn.

Relegated to patrolling backwater territories, Aquil committed his final act of insubordination to the Revanchist leadership when he and his forces were ordered to Malachor V. Increasingly disillusioned by a war that had brought dishonor to all involved, Aquil refused, as did two-thirds of his men. The remaining third were dropped off at Onderon, to rejoin Revan’s forces at their leisure. Among those third was his son.

When Revan and his forces returned from the Unknown Regions in 3959 to invade the Republic, Aquil found himself involved in another war, this time under the Jedi Council’s sanction. While his knowledge of Revanchist tactics proved useful, he was never fully trusted due to his previous loyalties, as well as the current affiliation of Karus.

In 3957, Karus, now following Sith teachings, attempted to engage his father in close combat, only to be slain by Aquil’s friend, the Jedi Master Kharr Handa. This event caused Aquil to resign his Republic commission, as well as his place in the Jedi Order. Shortly after his retirement, his wife died, and he left Dorin, as well as the public eye thereafter.

Now settled on Alderaan, Aquil runs an unassuming tea shop in the merchants district of Aldera. Regulars there know him not as a veteran of the recent wars, but as a kindly, cheerful Kel Dorian with a connoisseur’s appreciation for his wares. His favorite tea is Kopi, but, if pressed, he will tell you that he also appreciates the Ansionian, Tarine, Smuggler’s Stim, Rek, Naris-Bud, and, on occasion, the Karlini varieties, as well.

Possessions: Aquil has no keepsakes from the wars, but keeps his lightsaber stored in a dusty corner of one of his cabinets, hidden behind musty tea boxes. He wears a locket that when opened displays a holographic image of his wife and son.

Known Acquaintances: Having fought for and against the Revanchists, Aquil has met a lot of people, including his share of enemies. There is always a chance for him to run into a former comrade or enemy when he’s in public. However, Aquil maintains a belief in fundamental sentient decency, so even among enemies he’s likely to try for a peaceful resolution before resorting to force.


“Where are the elevators in this place? I’m old!”

Frridder: Hey. You eat something nasty? (nudging Aquil) Go over there if you’re going to fart.
Aquil: Sorry about that. I thought I was quiet.

(On being asked to surrender his lightsaber) “Surely they wouldn’t deprive an old man of his walking stick?”

Alora Vao: After we kill you, that’s one more step closer to Mandalorian extinction!
Aquil: I sense much anger upstairs.

Aquil Kor

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