Bas Orwe

Kit's ex-Captain


Age: 44

Smuggler, scoundrel and Captain of the Bitter Twilight


Kit’s former captain and friend during the time he worked as a ship hand for an independent operator working out of Nar Shaddaa. Bas Orwe was the captain of the Bitter Twilight, a medium-sized freighter well known for it’s supposedly impossible-to-locate smuggling holds. Kit served with Bas’ crew for almost 5 years, before Orwe got into trouble with a huttese gangster and had to go on the run. He told his crew to split up and go their separate ways to avoid the attention of the hutt, while he took off in the Twilight for ports unknown.

Bas was well known as a smooth talking scoundrel and a skilled sabacc player. He taught Kit a lot about how to run a crew and instill a sense of loyalty from those who served under him.

Bas Orwe

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