Known history:

Name: HK-42

Date of Initial Bootup: Unknown

Height: 1.82 meters

Weight: 88.2 kgs

Occupation: Assassin Droid

Current Owner: Kit’othenu


Appearance: Similar to a standard HK-24 series droid, but a droid specialist will notice several ‘ad-hoc’ modifications; exoskeleton coloring is slightly more silver toned than the standard HK-24 gold coloring.

HK-42 was found in a storage compartment, decativated, on board the Ryll’s Tale, shortly after Kit’othenu took final possession of the ship. There had been no mention of a droid being included with the ship, but as the terms of purchase specified that Kitoh received ownership of all property on board (or anyway, that’s how Kit chose to interpret them), he considered the droid to be his posession as well.

The droid had apparently shut itself down for unknown reasons; subsequent to this it had suffered minor damage to its memory system. Kit was able to repair the damage and reactivate the droid; at which point the droid determined that, as his activator, this Twi’lek was his new master, and immediately requested a ‘target’. HK-42, Kit swiftly discovered, was an assassin droid, and eagerly anticipates any mission that involves disposing of organic ‘fleshtubes’.

HK-42 has no recollection of his activities or life prior to his reactivation. His personality is a strange mixture of almost fanatical loyalty to his ‘master’ and seething contempt for all other organics. He claims to not see any contradiction in this attitude. Nevertheless, he is occasionally capable of acts that can seem almost compassionate; he also feigns total ignorance of this behavior.

When first discovered, the droid had a few posessions with him: a carbine rifle without the standard retractable stock, a vibroblade, and a few other inexpensive items. Despite his apparent memory loss, he immediately recognized the weapons; in particular, he seems very attached to the rifle—he treats it as sentient object with the name ‘101010’ (‘one-zero’ for short) and insists that others do the same. He is very reluctant to use any other weapon in ranged weapon combat.

He was also found with ten datacards. These cards are filled to capacity with encrypted information. No one has yet been able to unencrypt their contents. HK-42 seems interested in decrypting their contents, although he denies this.


Kit’othenu (beginning a firefight): “I guess it’s option B, HK!”
HK-42: “Oh, joy!!”

HK-42: “I have a close personal relationship with 101010.” (HK polishes 101010 lovingly).
Aquil Kor: “Would you like a moment alone with your weapon, HK?”
HK-42: “Well…no, that will be all right.”

“Why would I want to get away from where the dying is?”

(on being suddenly activated) “LD A,0H!! LD DC,7FFFH!! Interrupt 7A!! PUSH AF! ARRRRGGHHHH!! RESET!! RESET!!”

Alora Vao: It’s really more of a rust color. You know, like HK.
HK-42: I take exception. I am NOT rust colored. My hue is more of a crimson livery…like organic blood

“That orphanage attacked me. Ask anyone.”


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