Frridder Hsk


Age: 17
Height: 1.57 m
Weight: 48kg
Species: Cathar
Birthplace: Cathar


History: A first generation of Cathars born after the resettlement of their homeworld following the Mandalorian Wars, Frridder has only secondhand knowledge of the devastation of her species and planet. Her mother, a Jedi, took it upon herself to teach light saber fighting to her daughter, though Frridder ran away (and got very good at running) when the training sessions became too intense. Her father had tired of wars and settled into helping his village build anew, but her mother, feeling the call to duty, could not stay at home, leaving the family and her homeworld behind when Frridder was 12. Frridder retained her mother’s free spirit, visiting village after village days at a time without her sheltering father’s consent.

Recently, when Frridder happened to be at home, she sensed her mother speaking to her from afar saying goodbye; Frridder understood this meant her mother was dying, and begged her father for the both of them to go looking for her. He eventually relented, acknowledging his daughter’s strength in the Force, and they set out to look for the mother. They had only gone as far as the planet Dathomir when they were approached by a Jedi scout carrying the mother’s light saber to give to Frridder as a gift, confirming the mother’s death. The father, seeing no reason to continue the search, began the journey home, but Frridder, both fueled by the mystery about her mother’s life and death and the fascination of other worlds to explore, chose not to return. The Jedi scout, having communicated with the Council, suggested to Frridder to retrace her mother’s life steps by becoming a Jedi. They traveled together to Dantooine for Frridder to be tested as a possible Padawan. Initially drawn into the world of the Jedi and promised a master, Frridder soon began to have discipline problems, and the Jedi enclave there began to tire of constantly having to search the planet for her. Eventually, she left Dantooine to head to Alderaan to continue her journey of discovery, both within and without.

Personality: Frridder views the universe with a great sense of wonder, always looking to discover new things; because of this, she has a hard time keeping still. Although not the brightest of creatures, what she grasps she relishes; but when she has a hard time understanding, her flight instinct takes hold. Although generally naively trusting of others, her attunement to the Force warns her of danger, which came as a result of her travels on her homeworld. She prefers to elude rather than fight; she “accidently” discovered the Force Slam when set upon by a group of laigreks that had her pinned down while sleeping in a cave. Although she now carries her mother’s light saber and can use it, she prefers to fight with her claws. Her youth and first taste of freedom make it hard to determine where her loyalties lie, if there are any.

Memorable Quotes

Alora Vao: Don’t kill the co-pilot. He’s going to help us.
Frridder: How do I persuade him? Should I show him my boobs?

“Okay. Now for some Frisker-cising!”

“Dantooine’s nice. But the safest place in the galaxy is Alderaan. Nothing ever dangerous happens there!”

Mabosktu: I am Mabosktu. I would not be where I was were I not well-informed.
Frridder: Inside a comlink?

Local Holovid report: A well-armed and dangerous Twi’lek named Captain Kit’othenu is wanted in connection to an unprovoked deadly assault on SharoDuro corporate personnel.
Frridder: Hehehe. Those Twi’leks…so crazy. I wonder who that is?

Kit: I hate Alderaan.
Ishyet Mak: Please tell me we’re never coming back here.
Kit: Not if I have any say about it
Aquil Kor: I think it’s a nice place.
Frridder: It is. We should go there some day.

Frridder: Say Kasey, did Tilmar ever find out about that little…oh never mind…I’m sure it was harmless.
Kasey raises an eyebrow at Frridder.
Frridder (laughing nervously): It was just a photo…of a naked Wookie.
Alora: Uh…
HK-42: Aren’t ALL wookies naked?

Kit: Hey Kath Hounds…. come out and plaaaayyy.
Alora: Come on out, you scruffy-looking nerfherders!
Frridder: One of us has to use the potty now!!!

Frridder Hsk

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