Ishyet Mak


Ishyet Mak (mahk): Goes by “Mak” in the army; her family calls her “Ish.” She will answer to either.

Race: Zabrak

Age: 22

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 63kg

Coloring: tan skin, yellow eyes, black hair



Ishyet was born on Frithia, one of the Zabrak’s many colony planets; she is the second youngest of four children, and the only girl. Born to family of successful musicians, she had a normal, even privileged, childhood until the age of nine, when her home colony was attacked by the Mandalorians. The conquest of her planet took a heavy toll on Ish’s family: her second-oldest brother was lost in the initial attacks, in an explosion, along with her maternal grandparents. Her father and oldest brother died later, in separate skirmishes, when they joined resistance efforts against the Mandalorian occupation. Of her immediate family, only Ishyet, her mother, and younger brother survived.

When her home was eventually liberated, Ish determined that her family and people would never live through such an ordeal again, if she had anything to do about it. As the Mandalorian Wars came to an end, she joined a local militia group, one of many that had sprung up to expel the remaining Mandalorians from her planet. About a year later, when a formal Zabrak military was re-instituted, she enlisted immediately; her basic training lasted another year before she traveled to Iridonia, the Zabrak homeworld, for advanced training. She trained and served on Iridonia for three years and then returned to serve in her home guard. After three years, however, she grew frustrated with her routine duties; glad as she was that peace had returned to her home, she believed that real combat experience, against a variety of fighting styles, would better prepare her to defend her home against any possible attacks in the future. Thus, she left home as a soldier for hire, to hone her skills and, perhaps, to demonstrate to the Galaxy that the Zabrak will not be beaten down.

She thought she would get a job as a guard for a politician, or perhaps an important corporate executive, but after a few months of searching, she found herself working instead for a Twi’lek named Kit’othenu, captain of the Ryll’s Tale. She’s still not entirely sure how ended up with him, instead of the minor diplomat she was talking up at the time, but she believes Kit to be basically a good man and has become quite loyal to him. She doesn’t like that he occasionally takes contracts for illicit jobs and sometimes refuses her pay from such jobs. She has worked for Kit for a year and a half now, and doesn’t show any sign of leaving.

Personality and Appearance

Ish has invested in her military training and duties the same single-minded focus she gave to music as a child. She is hard-working and disciplined on duty, serious and reserved off. In her free time, she often pores over books on battle tactics or practices fighting techniques. While she is not, strictly speaking, impolite or unpleasant to those who attempt to make conversation with her, she is simply too focused on what she sees as her calling to observe the usual social niceties. Though she is often stern, she is not unkind, and sometimes pulls new recruits aside to offer advice or help them with a technique she sees them struggling with. If her demeanor makes her seem unapproachable, she makes up for it with loyalty. She may not be the woman you ask to join you for a drink and a game of pazaak during off-duty hours (and she would say no if you did), but she is someone you can always count on when you’re in a bind—even if her help often comes with a lecture afterward. Those who do not know her well often write her off as a wet blanket, but those who work with her closely appreciate her skill, discipline, and devotion to her people.

Ish is unremarkable in appearance; her coloring and horn pattern are common, she is close to average height, and she has a muscular build. Her comrades in the Zabrak military used to tell her she might be pretty if she wore her hair down and smiled upon occasion. Since she has no uniform working for Kit, she typically wears dark, military-issue pants with cargo pockets, a close fitting tank top, and sometimes a jacket. On duty, she will wear whatever armor she has cobbled together or saved up for. Her sole nod to femininity is her long, luxurious hair, not that anyone would ever know, as she habitually wears it tightly bound in a coronet braid. She is sometimes subjected to good-natured (usually) teasing about her severe appearance and attitude; she tries to shrug it off, but is not always successful.



Mother: Cruya Mak
Brother: Sran Mak


Father: Kibei Mak
Eldest brother: Kiith Mak
Older brother: Jetan Mak

Ish cares deeply for her family; they are very close, and she maintains correspondence with them no matter how far afield she must go. Around her mother and brother, Ish is more easy-going and affectionate, though she is still quiet, and she tends to be uncharacteristically cheerful for few days anytime she’s had a visit home. Cruya recently began performing in public again, alongside her surviving son, whom Ish encouraged to continue his music studies, rather than following in her own footsteps.

Other Relationships

Ish had a brief romantic liaison with a fellow recruit on Iridonia. It was a typical adolescent relationship that ended for typical adolescent reasons, but after it went sour, she decided that romance would simply be a distraction from her training, and she began to avoid anyone whom she perceived as making advances. A few of her peers know that she had a failed relationship in the past, but she never discloses the identity of her old flame.


“Hello, Po. I’d say it’s nice to see you again, but I try not to lie.”

HK-42: “Master, shall we leave like simpering sheep, or fight several meatbags?”
Ishyet: “Sheep, HK.”

Frridder Hsk: Gotta PEEE!!! Oh…we’re attacking?
Ishyet: Didn’t I tell you to use the refresher before starting the battle?!

Ishyet: Perhaps we ought to ready ourselves for a fight while we’re poking around?
Kit: And be prepared? How unsporting of you, Ishyet.
Ishyet: That’s me. Practical and unsporting.

Ishyet Mak

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