Age: 39

Height: 1.9m

Race: Twi’lek

Coloring: Dark orange/tan.

Weight: 197lbs

Captain and sole proprietor of the Ryll’s Tale


Kitoth, is a mercenary-for-hire who makes his living on the fringe of society. While he frequently skirts the laws of the Republic, he doesn’t consider himself a criminal. He uses his underworld connections to pick up odd jobs, ranging from small smuggling operations to more straight-forward shipping gigs and even passenger ferrying. He has friends, acquaintances and enemies on most of the core worlds and a number of the outer rim planets; which makes doing business both easier and more troublesome- depending on who he runs into on a given day.

Raised in the village of Nabat on Ryloth, his father (Tal’enuae) was a 4th generation crafter. His mother (Leena’olee) had grown up on an algae farm in the depths of the nearby Nabat caverns, and married his father when she was 17 and he was 42. She was actually his second wife, his first having left him for a wealthy merchant after only a few years of marriage.

Leena was a gifted individual, known throughout their clan for her serene nature and soothing voice. She had a calming effect on all who came into contact with her, as she never once seemed to frown or speak an unkind word to anyone. Very little disturbed her peaceful demeanor, and she always seemed to have a kind of harmony with the universe that many envied even if they didn’t understand it. Even though she did not have an official title or duty in the clan, many people came to her for arbitrating disputes.

When Kit was 11, Leena left under unusual circumstances and never returned. Shortly thereafter, Kit and his father moved to the lower levels of the subterranean city of Kala’uun. It was here that he first got his exposure to life in a metropolitan city and the multicultural society that came with it. Assisting his father in their shop, he rapidly picked up Basic as well as a certain fondness for machines and technology. As one of the major hubs for interplanetary travel, Kit quickly developed an interest in the universe beyond the harsh, primitive environment of his tidal-locked home planet.

It was here that Kit first got caught up with the criminal element of Twi’lek society. With his knowledge of hardware and access to his father’s tools and equipment at their shop, he often found himself approached by friends and “friends of friends” to do small favors. With time, he took on more varied jobs, ranging from working in a ryll den for a slaver, to pretending to be a tour guide who lured unsuspecting tourists into restricted areas where they would be caught and fined by friends of his on the Kala’uun security force. His time in the ryll den, while also one of his fondest memories (being surrounded by beautiful exotic dancers had its perks), also left a profound distaste in his mouth. Witnessing the abuses the slaves underwent and what he perceived as the selling out of his own kind by the clans that ran Kala’uun, he determined at an early age that there was some lines he would not cross. This somewhat misguided sense of nobility has often created problems for him.

Equipment: - Kit wears a dark body suit that covers his neck, lower jaw, and runs over the top of his head- framing his face. On top of that he often wears some form of traditional Twi’lek crest which wraps the upper lengths of his lekku.

- The area of the body suit that covers his chest is lightly reinforced with various fiber armor pads sewn into it. Over the body suit, he wears a maroon, tailored vest that he thinks makes him look professional, business-like and dapper. However, he’s usually the butt of jokes due to it, because it’s slightly threadbare/overworn edges gives away any notion that he’s well-to-do.

- He often wears a tan/brown duster that has reinforced sholderpads and a variety of pockets (some of which are ripped). It has a high color that he tries to keep flipped up, but with age it’s lost much of its starch. The front of the duster is longer, with the jacket front hanging down just about mid-thigh, but with a cut so that the back only hangs just below the belt. The sleeves he keeps loosely rolled up near the elbow.

- On his left arm he wears a lightweight gauntlet with various switches/miniature display screens. Also on his left arm, near the shoulder, is a dark forest green tattoo- marking him as a member of the Dey’juro Crime Syndicate. He keeps this covered whenever possible, as he is technically no longer associated with them.

- He wears two belts- one to hold up his dusty gray slacks, and another belt which hangs somewhat at an angle, loose and low across his right thigh. This is his holster belt. The holster itself can additionally be tied off around his thigh. Along his holster belt he has a few military-inspired pouches and some small and easy-to-carry tool kits.

- He typically tucks his pants into his reinforced black boots. The boots are the subject of some debate among those who know him. They bear the design hallmarks of a Sith trooper’s uniform, despite not being silver, but this is something Kit has always denied. He insists that he bought them second-hand at a thrift shop on Taris. His right boot has a small holster for a lightweight scattergun- but he doesn’t always carry it.

- He carries a small vibroblade in a pouch on his left side.

- He has a fairly common heavy blaster/pulse wave pistol, with only a few modifications.

- Kit carries an apparently non-functioning lightsaber hilt with him at all times, which he keeps in a leather holder, slung horizontally, on the back of his belt. Whenever asked about it, he usually tells a different story behind where he got it:

- Bought it from a junk dealer on Coruscant - Pulled it out of a frenzied graul stomach on Dantooine - Took it as a trophy from a Jedi who had “business” with one of his former partners - [sarcastic] Got it at the Korriban Gift Shop. “It was 20% off with the purchase of a ‘Temples of the Sith Lords’ tour package. Not a bad deal!” - Found it in “some moldy old sith tomb on Dxun”.

It has a circular emitter with 6 squared-off, short prongs that extend from the edges. The emitter is attached to the cylindrical body by 3 bands, with a dark metal cylinder that was narrower than both the emitter and the main body running through the middle. The body of the hilt has no discernable controls aside from a single, knurled screw with a green gem embedded at its center. The screw appears to do nothing, despite there being no other apparent mechanism to activate the lightsaber blade. The pommel is a faceted cylinder- slightly larger than the main body in diameter and attached to the grip by a slightly narrower cynlinder. The grip has several grooved lines that wrap around its width. The metal shows a great deal of wear and distress- complete with rust and pitting in its surface, but not enough to make it seem like complete scrap.

Known Associates: Exes: - Oona Amari, 32, former Republic naval officer, now private security consultant.

- Tara Anao, 27, Rutian Twi’lek female.

- Sindal Kee, 30 female Togruta- daughter of Senator Remtai Al Kee.

Others: - Talyyn, 221, Wookiee jedi

- Bas Orwe, 44, male Human smuggler

- Rakk’gul, ?, male Trandoshan crime lord

- Orwul Nek, ?, male Cathar mechanic.

More background:

Kit is wary of Jedi. He doesn’t trust them, and he certainly doesn’t want to be involved in their politics or “religious” crusades. That said, he has known and befriended some Jedi (and even partnered with a Jedi who hid his true nature until it caught up to him), but he’s always kept them at a distance.


Ishyet Mak: I thought Jedi weren’t supposed to be so hot-headed.
Alora Vao: You shut up.
Kit: I thought Jedi were supposed to be good.

Alora: Frridder!
Frridder Hsk: Yahyah yahyah?
Alora: Sit down and meditate. Now!
Frridder: Meditate?
Aquil Kor: Have you considered a water-sprayer?
Kitoth: (Unholstering his pistol) I have this. It has a stun setting.

Kitoth: I suppose we should knock?
HK-42: When do we ever knock?
Kitoth: I knock. It’s just I knock with my boot.

(Examining a control panel) “Where’s the override? The override?!”

Frridder: We Cathars just kick things to repair them. Shall I do the repairs?
Alora: Um, no.
Frridder: It works! Truly! About 30% of the time.
Aquil Kor: So going to die.
Kitoth: Percussive maintenance, great.

Alora: Muzzle your droid, Kit.
Kitoth: I’ve tried. It’s not worth the bacta-time.


Is fond of sweet-dried rycrit meat.

Historical record-keeping

- Minus 2 years from Current date: Purchases Ryll’s Tale

- Minus 3 years: Purchases Red Amari:
Unfortunately, after only one years of business, his ship was destroyed by Neo-Crusader Mandalorian forces when he was caught trying to smuggle ancient artifacts off of a moon once suspected to be an ancient Mandalorian colony.

However, the insurance on his ship (the value of which he had slightly inflated) allowed him to purchase his current ship, the Ryll’s Tale.

- Minus 4 years: Odd jobs for a year, including one as pilot for a pirate crew sponsored by the Czerka corporation

- Minus 5 years: Lives with Oona on Coruscant for a year.

- Minus 8 years: Serves as first mate in Dey’juro syndicate for 3 years. Meets Oona Amari for the first time

- Minus 13 years: Worked as crewman for a smuggling crew based out of Nar Shaddaa for 5 years. First met Tara Anao during this time

- Minus 19 years: Serves as a pilot in a private security firm who contracted with large corporations to protect their interstellar shipments for 6 years.

- Minus 23 years: At age 16, leaves Ryloth and spends 4 years drifting through the galaxy as a stowaway or in the temporary service of whoever needed a lackey. Visits a lot of worlds


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