Oona Amari

Well with most people I don't have to tell them, "Hey. You know. Don't burglarize places."


- Oona Amari, 32, former Republic naval officer, now private security consultant.


Human female with “Hair the color of rust and eyes like the seafoam of Manaan.” Military family, lives somewhat loosely by a soldier/officer’s code. She and Kit’s paths first crossed when she was a Lieutenant, serving in the navy and he was a member of the Dey’juro syndicate serving as first mate on board the personal yacht of one of the syndicate bosses. Disillusioned with where he’d ended up in life, and morally bothered by the slave trade his syndicate was involved in, he was recruited by Oona to secretly funnel evidence to the Republic to slow the Dey’juro’s business. However, both of them discovered that the supposed criminal investigation of the Dey’juro by the Republic was just an underhanded bartering tactic to get leverage over the crime syndicate. It seems the Dey’juro was one of a few key suppliers of goods (illegal and legal) to a several struggling outer rim colonies, and the Republic was supporting the syndicate’s activity in order to prop up its own position with those colonies. The Republic turned a blind eye to the abuses of the syndicate because they served the Republic’s own political needs.

After this, Kit left the syndicate and Oona was re-assigned to a planetary post on Coruscant. For a while, Kit held down a fairly normal job as a pilot for a Galactic Senator and lived with Oona on Coruscant. All the while, his dream was to save up enough income to buy his own freighter and start his own business with Oona. However, she didn’t share his dream and was focused mostly on her career in the military. When she was promoted to Commander, she was offered a position on board a dreadnaught, the Narsii Doma. Realizing that this eventually would mean the end of their relationship, but knowing she would try to have it both ways, he forced the issue by having an affair with the daughter of the Senator he worked for. Oona left to serve aboard her ship and Kit was, predictably, fired from his piloting gig.

Oona currently works as the head of security for YerbaCorp.

Oona Amari

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