Underboss scum


Crime lord/underboss for the Poruuga crime syndicate


Rakk’gul is a moderately powerful underboss within the larger Poruuga crime syndicate. His name is a play on that of the violent rakghouls which once plagued the undercity of Taris before it was turned into a slag heap by Darth Malak’s forces. He’s well known for his ruthlessness, which makes him very useful as an intimidation tactic whenever his bosses need someone’s cooperation. He runs his own crew, made up entirely of trandoshans, and has pretensions of one day taking over complete management of the Poruuga cartel.

Kit first crossed paths with Rakk’gul on Ord Mantell, shortly after coming into possession of the Ryll’s Tale. Hired by the Corellian Merchant Exchange to find and retrieve a data disk with sensitive information on it, Kit tracked it to a fence working for the Talusian Shipping Guild who had fled to Ord Mantell after his prospective buyer was killed by Rakk’gul. It seemed the Poruuga group was also interested in the data on that disk. Kit managed to catch up to the fence before Rakk’gul’s men, and with a little ‘persuasion’, retrieved it from him. However, Rakk’gul wasn’t far behind – resulting in a running shoot-out between the two groups all the way back to the Ryll’s Tale. In the firefight, Kit killed Rakk’gul’s lieutenant- making an impression on the underboss.

The two ran into each other again in a chance encounter in a dive bar on Nal Hutta. Spotting the twi’lek smuggler before Kit noticed him, Rakk’gul tried to surprise Kit in the men’s room with a group of thugs- but Kit got the upper hand when he spun around mid-stream and peed on the trandoshans. Shocked and appalled at his disgusting behavior, they were slow to react when he kicked their boss in the groin and bolted out the door (hastily zipping his pants up as he did so).

Needless the say, the two aren’t fans of each other.


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