Sindal Kee

Person of social standing on Coruscant


Age: 30

Daughter of Senator Remtai Al Kee


Sindal is a beautiful, if slightly spoiled togruta who’s spent the majority of her life in the comfort of a Coruscant penthouse home. Her father has been Shili’s senator for most of her life, and so she was raised in the cosmopolitan and glamourous lifestyle accorded to one of the galaxies elite. As she’s gotten older, she’s matured considerably- becoming a fervent sponsor and patron of the arts on Coruscant. She is also a skilled musician and poet in her own right, with several of her songs having been used in major productions at the Coruscant Opera House.

Kit served as her father’s personal pilot for several months while he and Oona lived on Coruscant. Initially Sindal considered Kit to be beneath her regard and she treated him as she might treat the lowliest of her servants. But over time, his roguish and casual demeanor began to grow on her, until it was all he could do to resist her flirtations. It wasn’t until his relationship went south with Oona that he finally relented and engaged in a brief affair with her. Naturally, her father was not thrilled about the hired help becoming romantically involved with his little Princess, so Kit was quickly fired. Sindal was not especially heartbroken, since she usually lost interest in men after she slept with them. Kit was an amusing diversion for her, nothing more.

Sindal Kee

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