Former associate, jedi


Age: 221

Wookiee jedi/scoundrel


Talyyn and Kit originally met while Kit was doing odd jobs for various clients, one of which was serving as a pilot for a small ‘smash and grab’ crew sponsored by the Czerka corporation. They would hit rival companys’ supply ships and raid their cargo. On one particular job, the ship they boarded belonged to a trandoshan trading conglomerate that was ferrying supplies from Kashyyyk to Kessel. In addition to regular goods, there was a large number of wookiee slaves being transported. The Czerka corporation was not interested in the slaves (for once), only the material goods. But Kit being Kit, he went out of his way to free the wookiees from their holding cell. Among them was an unassuming and otherwise unremarkable wookiee named Talyyn. The resulting chaos that broke out on the ship as the freed wookiees overtook the trandoshan crew gained a lot of media attention and put Czerka’s sponsorship of piracy in the Republic’s spotlight. Kit’s crew was fired and the whole affair quickly shuffled under the rug.

As part of his ‘severance pay’ (Kit threatened to spill all the details of their work to the Republic officials), Kit managed to pull together enough funds to purchase the Red Amari- a 15-year-old, small Vor’latch class freighter of Mon Calamari design. (He got it second hand, and on a discount- because the Mon Calamari are still relatively unknown as starship builders, and so no one was willing to take the risk on a ship of unfamiliar origins).

During one of his first jobs with his new ship, shipping livestock from Ithor to Telos IV, Talyyn approached Kit on Telos- and offered his services as first mate. Since Kit was basically working solo, he was happy to have the help. Talyyn presented himself as nothing more than a simple ex-slave looking for any kind of work. They did a number of jobs together, leading up to a simple passenger ferry job that ended with a Sullustan passenger suddenly brandishing a lightsaber, knocking Kit aside, and leaping at Talyyn. Talyyn, much to Kit’s extreme surprise, ignited his own lightsaber and defended the attack easily. The two fought violently in the hold of the Red Amari for several minutes before Kit regained his wherewithal and shot the Sullustan in the back.

Neither of them wielded red-bladed lightsabers, further leading to Kit’s confusion. The Sullustan’s had been green, and Talyyn’s yellow. Talyyn offered no explanation and Kit was afraid to ask, so the two split their ways amicably.


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