Alderaan is the second planet of the Alderaan system, located in the Core Worlds. It is renowned for its culture and sophistication. Recently, it has suffered from a starship fuel shortage exacerbated by striking dock workers.

Significant Locations

Aldera—the capital of Alderaan

  • Aldera Heights—an upscale neighborhood of Aldera, favored by the prosperous and those who wish to appear prosperous.
  • Merchant’s District—home to beloved establishments such as the Wooly Nerf cantina and Karus Tea.
  • Shipping District—contains warehouses and docks owned by various private entities.

Crevasse City—one of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy, a city carved into a vast canyon.

  • Evona Compound—headquarters to Mabosktu, reputed leader of the local Exchange


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