Dantooine lies in the Outer Rim, and would be a notably insignificant colony planet were it not for its past history as home to the now-rebuilding Jedi Enclave there.

Frridder Hsk was assigned to wait here for the arrival of her master, Alora Vao, but grew impatient and stowed away onto an offworld-bound freighter.

Significant Locations

  • Crystal Caves—the last known whereabouts of Master Tilmar are here. This cave emanates mysterious vibes that appear to have affected almost all of the members of the Ryll’s Tale.
  • Jedi Enclave—home to many illustrious Jedi in the past, the Enclave struggles to rebuild itself after the recent losses from the Dark War.
  • Matale—a small port town troubled by a local gang: the Kath Hounds. With the recent retirement of the town’s security chief, the gang has become more and more aggressive in hassling the local citizenry and establishments.


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